Coaching is an action-based development tool, a catalyst for activating self-awareness and creativity. It is a style of conversation and listening that uses skill and synergy to guide individuals to access innate wisdom and creativity; deepen their connection with life purpose, and live with a greater sense of ease and fulfillment.

Coaching is a professional relationship that helps people to achieve desired goals and change certain behaviors and thinking that block personal growth. It helps individuals to bridge the gap between where they are now and where they want to be in their lives, careers, businesses, and organizations.

My coaching builds from the Co-Active™ process model and the key premise that every person is creative, resourceful, and whole and has the answers that will work best to achieve their vision for their life.

Through guided thought-provoking conversations and thoughtfully designed alliance clients: identify obstacles; develop new perspectives and realistic strategies to bring about positive change, and identify resources to accelerate their progress.  Ultimately the coaching process activates new thinking and awareness of the possibilities, which exist to create a more successful, fulfilling life. With greater clarity and renewed motivation, individuals begin taking the necessary action steps to reach their desired outcomes.

Coaching is a dynamic partnership - with the client at the helm. The process begins with designing an alliance based on priorities set forth by the client-specific to their individual circumstances and needs. 

Coaching is a process that supports individuals to: 
  • Clarify life purpose and create alignment with deeply held values
  • Bring forth the client's inherent wisdom and powerful creative capacity 
  • Make more conscious decisions and take more effective action to change behaviors to live more authentically and with a greater sense of purpose
  • Move energetically toward desired goals and partner in accountability to inspire and motivate success