Helping people connect with their innate wisdom, aesthetic vision and foster a culture that appreciates and supports creativity has been the laser focus of my career for over 30 years. 

I have worked with a multitude of clients, art and history museums, environmental organizations, art centers, non-profit organizations and hundreds of professional artists. Through deep listening, honoring diverse perspectives, and activating new and creative thinking I have developed and implemented a broad spectrum of art exhibitions, learning environments, collaborations, community-building initiatives and educational programs that have served as effective catalysts for dialogue and transformation.

Serving communities as an executive director, senior art museum education specialist, curator, and arts consultant, I have gained a wealth of experience as a leader, creative and strategic thinker, educator and visual artist, which I bring to both my arts consulting and coaching practice.

I hold a BFA, a MA degree in Arts Education with a focus in Audience Research and certification as a professional Co-Active Coach. In addition I have served as a speaker and panelist at national art and education conferences and on numerous state and local grant review panels. My 2 and 3-dimensional art works have been featured in national publications, private collections and exhibitions.


Exhibition Development

Projects begin with a collaborative and inclusive planning process that integrates diverse perspectives and multidisciplinary approaches to achieve project goals.

Audience Development

Focus is placed on strengthening connections with existing audiences while building new, broad and diverse audiences.

Community Building

Collaborations and partnerships open new opportunities for community and stakeholder participation and promotes investment in the project's success.

Project Management

I work with teams to design and coordinate engaging exhibitions and programs from initial concept through project finalization.