"Fayanne provided me with the tools and encouragement to reach out to a prospective client.  Together, we designed an approach and I put it into action - winning the client, who has since referred me to additional new clients.  Fayanne has an unpretentious and diplomatic approach to coaching.  She has a special way of making you see the wisdom that it is already there. She helped me find it and I used it!"     
- C.S., Mitigation Specialist, Defense Investigator

"Fayanne helped me to look at myself through a different set of lenses. She gently and creatively helped me to quiet the noise and tap into the values at my core. I felt from day one that I could be completely open and trust her. Our conversations and exercises were incredibly helpful. I came away from our time together feeling more confident, full of gratitude, and at peace with who I am, what I've accomplished, and where I'm headed."   
- E.H., Business Owner

"I am grateful to be working with Fayanne as a coach and mentor, her intuition and comprehension of a situation is spot on.  She has helped me to clarify and focus on my deepest values while offering insights that have helped to break through long-held limiting beliefs and patterns.  What makes Fayanne so special to work with is her immense compassion and understanding, as well as her ability to stay focused on a topic that I would find easy to want to move past quickly.  She offers a great way to tackle ‘old baggage’ with gentle determination.  Her strength lies in helping one to see the bigger picture, supporting the ideas and values that we hold dear, and providing positive encouragement to discover and live one’s life purpose. I highly recommend Fayanne as a life coach.  It is a gift to work with her."
- L.C., Author
"I can’t say enough about how enjoyable and meaningful my coaching sessions with Fayanne have been over the past year. As a first step, she helped me clarify and list my core values. My values then became a reference point for our future work which has focused on my career and life goals. When I was struggling with finishing my dissertation, Fayanne guided me through the process by suggesting practical steps I was able to take toward achieving that goal. Now that I have graduated, we are working together on a vision for a future career. It’s an exciting process and Fayanne is the perfect guide! She is kind, warm, and incredibly intuitive. She really listens, hears what I say, and then helps me to focus on my strengths. Fayanne has helped me recognize the voice of “my saboteur” or inner critic when it tries to knock me off course. She offers fresh and creative ways of looking at any situation we discuss. One area that I have struggled with all my life is time management and organization. Fayanne helped me to understand that I “think like an artist” and offered solutions that I put into practice right away. That one session was transformative and I am now able to accomplish much more in less time. Coaching sessions with Fayanne have consistently been fun, productive, and have made a clear difference in all aspects of my life."
- Kristin Cardellio, Ph.D.

"Fayanne has encouraged me when I couldn't see how to take the next step. She is warm and positive, sharing back to me my own strengths when I see only impediments. I find I miss her clearheaded sensibilities between our sessions though at some point
she invariably pushes me from my comfort zone and I find myself feeling mad and stubborn. Fayanne hangs in, rephrases, and tries again. I relax and say, I'll try that. Wisdom prevails. A door opens inside me. 
Fayanne reached out through the phone and helped save me when I thought I couldn't do it by myself."         
 - A.H.S., Museum Professional
The first time you meet Fayanne, you will feel her calm, meditative presence and it will immediately put you at ease.  In just six months of coaching, she pushed me to do some deep soul searching to get clear about what I truly wanted to create for my life.
Fayanne created a safe space for me to process stressful situations in my life.  She taught me to focus on my personal values and be aware of the situations that pull me out of peace.  I would highly recommend Fayanne as a fabulous coach.

- David, Therapist
"Working with Fayanne is being on a path of self-discovery, or a path of "self-uncovery". She has an extraordinary ability to help one create a life based on true passion and core values aligned with personal, professional, and financial goals.  We created a course of action directing me towards my desired outcome. Fayanne has a very gentle and respectful approach. She is deeply committed to empowering her clients to realize their full potential and that the life they imagine is attainable.  She has shown me the "joy of the journey" and as Helen Keller said, "life is either a daring adventure or nothing." 
J.H., Executive Recruiter and Consultant

“Fayanne has an impeccable skill for finding the appropriate words to match emotions and behaviors I never thought could be explained. As a result of coaching, I began to see myself in a different light and most importantly respect myself for the strengths and weaknesses that make me who I am.  Coaching forced me to analyze my emotions and actions even when it wasn’t the most comfortable. However, this internalization allowed me to grasp a clearer understanding of family issues that I struggled with on a daily basis. I was able to use the knowledge I had gained from my coaching session to find new perspectives to view situations. These perspectives became the stepping-stones to the changes I made in my interactions with my family and brought me a step closer to the wholesome life I strive to live.”    
- E.T., Student
“I highly recommend Fayanne as a personal coach/guide. Wherever you are right now in life, she will meet you there and help to guide you to obtain the results that you are seeking. She helped me to realize how important I am and helped me to recognize the value of certain aspects of my life that had been hidden to me. With Fayanne’s directions and her excellent coaching approach, you feel safe and well guided. She is amazingly tactful and understanding and stays focused, gently guiding the conversation to best achieve the desired outcomes set for each session. However, It is important to do the work!  She has a gift of seeing 'the divine' in every-day life and applies her skills and knowledge to remind you of this.  Fayanne helped me tremendously to deal with stress and stay positive regardless of how difficult the situation appeared to be."
- Alessandra, Healing Arts Professional
"In the midst of a life transition from full-time employment to semi-retirement and part-time work, I had the good fortune to be coached by Fayanne.  Her wisdom, positive, warm demeanor, and supportive voice helped me reconnect with my wisdom and core values and clarify creative, concrete ways to navigate through the challenges I was facing.  I would highly recommend her services to anyone that wants to make changes in their life but isn't sure where they want to go or how to get there.  Fayanne will guide you there."  S.B.